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Help a charity in need of funds simply by clicking your mouse. Our charitable search engine offers donations to individuals, families, and organizations that help others in need.

Inspired by our daughter's experience in the hospital, we hoped to create funding opportunities for worthy causes. Choosing our search engine is an easy way to ensure people receive the funds they deserve to improve their quality of life.

Contact us in Fresno, California, for more information about our online search engine and how you can help fund charitable organizations with one click.

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About Us

JustSayIt.com in Fresno, California, provides you with a free online search engine that offers 50% of the revenue generated to charities and organizations. By using sustainable online searching, you will change someone's life through donations with every click. Take advantage of our 40 years of experience so you can help others more effectively.

Our daughter is from Armenia and was admitted into Valley Children's Hospital. Many of the parents could not afford to see their children in the hospital, because they were busy trying to pay the bills that were keeping their children alive. We started JustSayIt.com so we could help people in tough situations.

We do not take any checks or contributions. We just want you to use the site and help us raise money. Our mission is to help people by promoting a free service. We highlight companies involved in growing this business and are on a mission to help others. We support all charities and collaborate for the common good.