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Charitable Search Engine in Fresno, California

JustSayIt.com in Fresno, California, generates charity donations through our charitable search engine and offers funds to organizations and families. We donate 50% of our profits to charity and have a goal of donating 75% soon.

One Click Changes Lives

By switching to our online search engine, you are changing lives. We highlight a new cause every month, and your click is invaluable to the success of that charitable organization.

You can view our featured charity, including cancer awareness and women's causes, anytime on our Website. Our search engine is powered by Google™ to provide the best in search engine finds.

Children, Charitable Search Engine in Fresno, CA

Helping You

We welcome your suggestions about which charity you would like us to support. We offer financial assistance for families who want to visit their sick children. Our organization hopes to help people with funds for seemingly impossible situations. We donate to charitable organizations while seeking ideal partnerships to create even more donations for individuals in need.

Contact us in Fresno, California, for more information about our charitable search engine.